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Schram Auto Parts is a state-of-the-art automotive recycling facility, with over 100 years in the business - we stand behind our parts - and our warranties. Which warranty option is right for you?


All parts come standard with a 90-day warranty. If the part fails within 90 days of the original purchase date Schram Auto Parts will replace the part, repair the part, or give a full refund. This warranty does not include any labor costs associated with changing the part.


This warranty is available on mechanical parts that may have high removal and replacement times (R&R), allowing you the freedom and flexibility to purchase the amount of coverage you need. Part types this warranty is offered on include, but are not limited to - engines, transmissions, axles, transfer cases, carrier assemblies, steering racks, turbos, and more. Ask your sales associate if you would like extended labor coverage on your next part purchase.


The Schram Auto Parts lifetime small parts warranty covers your part purchase for the lifetime of the vehicle/part. If a part purchased with a lifetime warranty fails, Schram Auto Parts will replace the part, repair the part, or give a full refund. This warranty does not include any labor costs associated with changing the part.


Schram Auto Parts transmission warranty covers all internally lubricated parts contained within the transmission case. For coverage to be valid, the complete hydraulic system must be flushed including the case, oil cooler, and lines. New filter(s) must be installed. Accessory items, including but not limited to, modules, governors, electrical controls, linkage, mounts, seals, gaskets, and fluids are not covered by this agreement.


Schram Auto Parts engine warranty covers the engine long block assembly, including all internally lubricated parts i.e. rings, pistons, pins, crankshaft and main bearings, the connecting rods, rod bearings, camshaft bearings, timing chain gears, rocker arms, valve springs, valve seats, valve push rods, valve lifters, and oil pumps. For the warranty to be valid, the cooling system must be flushed and in good working order. Recycled engines sometimes include additional parts and components that were not purchased, such parts are not warranted under this agreement. Those components may include but are not limited to electrical components of all types (distributors, coil packs, sensors, and electrical control devices), fuel systems, (including fuel injections systems, and fuel pumps), water pumps, spark plugs, thermostats, manifolds, valve covers, pollution controls, gaskets, seals, filters, mounts, linkages, and fluids.


Manufacturer-recommended maintenance must be performed at recommended intervals and corresponding documentation records must be kept. The detailed records must contain the shop’s name, mileage, date, customer’s name, vehicle identification number, and the service received. For self-maintained vehicles, all receipts for oil, filters, and other lubricants must be kept with mileage and date clearly written in ink. All costs associated with maintenance will be the responsibility of the owner/operator of the vehicle.


Manufacturer installation guidelines must be followed for the removal and installation of all units. Errors from installation, physical damage, improper startup, and break-in procedures will not be covered. Before units are released from service the initial cause of failure must be repaired such Parts’s liability under this warranty shall not exceed the price of the part and shall not include any inconvenience, transportation, towing, downtime, loss of vehicle, or direct or indirect consequential damage.

  • Labor expenses coverage is for individuals who have purchased an extended labor coverage warranty from Schram Auto Parts. Labor expense reimbursement is only valid for customers who have purchased this warranty.

  • Schram Auto Parts reserves the right to verify any defects and authorize any repairs to be made.

Schram Auto Parts reserves the right to inspect warranty claims before payments are made. Inspections can be made to verify proper installation, proper diagnosis by the shop, and proof of failure. The shop and/or individual must be willing to provide reasonable accommodations for Schram Auto Parts to perform these inspections.

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